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My New Series Mario And Luigi Xtreme

2009-02-08 19:15:32 by thescco123

i have started a new series that is going to be called "Mario And Luigi Xtreme". i just started it a while ago and i am curently in the middle of it. i don't know about you but i think it is going to come out good. so please don't say crappy stuff about just keep it to your self or scream to the world as loud as you can. and now im going to tell u about it so if u don't like spoilers stop reading
no seriosly stop if u don't like spoilers stop

ok i warned u

luigi was just sitting out side and smelled some smoke he follows it and finds out its on peaches castle and tells mario and they go for the rescue. on the way to the castle you see bowsers ship. when they go inside its all destroyed and the toads are mpaniking and runing and bowser is knocked out and peachs on the floor. u see these stars and the they are forming when a figure knocks into them and seperate and blast off. he then is knocked and luigi is crying and mario helps the guy (geno!!) and runs home and then luigi.....he wakes up in mario's house wondering where he is and so far that is alll i came up with... wish me luck!


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2009-02-15 09:02:45